Tuesday, August 28, 2007

'On Genes," my blog on Nature Network

After commenting on Nature Network ("What's up with Nature?"), I ended up creating a new blog over there. It's "On Genes," and the URL is network.nature.com/blogs/user/smount. It's not clear what I'll put there as opposed to here. Perhaps one of the two blogs will die. Right now, the plan is to put more substantial scientific posts here and more news-oriented posts there.

Along those lines, my first real post on the Nature Network blog, "PRISM distorts our view of the open access debate" was in response to Jonathan Eisen's blog entry “PRISM – Partnership for Research Integrity in Science and Medicine – Seems like a spoof but it is real, and sad“). It makes me angry to see issues that concern me be taken up by a public relations firm that is so thoroughly dishonest. But I won't repeat that here. You can read about it there.